The Story of Our Gynecology Practice in NYC

As women patients and women doctors, 20 years of practice in the conventional medical system left us frustrated by its inadequacies: treatment not healing, transactions, not relationships, prescriptions not advice. As gynecologists, we also see that women’s healthcare is largely focused on matters pertaining to fertility, but there is so much more to our gynecologic and total health, beyond fertility and pregnancy.TārāMD was born out of the desire to bring care back to gyn healthcare - care that combines expertise together with connection, empathy, and integrity. Care that blends both modern treatments with effective natural, less invasive, integrative approaches. Care that actually empowers women to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Welcome to TārāMD, our gynecology practice in NYC - an independent, personalized, integrative healing experience.

story of TaraMD