Generations of women have been suffering in silence not understanding or being too ashamed to discuss the emotional and physical changes that are happening as they transition into menopause. Women are being left largely unprepared and are often dealing with medical practitioners that are not up to date as well as a lack of public awareness. You do not have to go through this alone.

Please join us on May 11th, 2023 at 6:30pm ET, as our specially invited experts share knowledge and experiences about the real-life impact of menopause. We cover symptoms, treatments and approaches to give the attendees the tools they need to advocate for themselves throughout this natural process in life.

Meet The Speakers

  • Dr. Suzanne Fenske, Founder of TārāMD, MD, FACOG, ABOIM, NCMP
  • Esther Blum, Integrative Dietitian, Menopause Expert and Author of See ya later, Ovulator!
  • Julia Haart, Entrepreneur, Designer, Author, Star of My Unorthodox Life
  • Kate Roberts, Founder and CEO of The Body Agency and Podcast Host

When: 6:30 pm ET, on Thursday May 11th, 2023

Where: Virtual Zoom Webinar 

Who: Open to women who are and aren't patients of TārāMD

How: Click here to donate and register!

Registration: $25 (all proceeds will be donated directly to "The Body Agency Collective", a non-profit organization dedicated to all things fem-care, normalizing the conversation around women's natural being and eliminating fem-shame once and for all).



An intimate small group event, camera optional.

Our bodies change as we age, but this doesn't mean that our connection to our sexuality needs to fade. In this workshop we will unlock the pleasure potential of our bodies as we age and learn how to enjoy our sexuality at any age and stage. Sexual energy is integral to your creativity, joy and well-being. Whether you are partnered or single, learn how you can claim this for yourself.

Program is expert-led by certified Vita sex coach Sheila Kamara Hay of TārāMD.

"I will teach/ lead in practice for 1 hour (recorded for anyone that can not attend live)  and the last 30 min will be interactive and not recorded allowing for confidentiality for live attendees." -Sheila

What: One (1) ninety (90) minute session.

When: 7:30 pm EST, on Thursday March 23rd, 2023.

Where: Virtual event.

Who: Open to women who are and aren't patients of TārāMD.

Cost: *$50 per person and spots are limited.

How: Purchase your ticket(s) here.

Tickets are limited. If you have any other questions, please contact hello@taramd.com.



Would you like to feel better in and about perimenopause? Does insomnia/night sweats/weight gain and mood swings all sound familiar? Join us for a 4 week virtual live interactive program designed to empower you with knowledge and tools to help you start feeling better.

Program is expert-led by Dr. Suzanne Fenske the founder of TārāMD.

What: 4 weekly 45 min sessions

When: New dates coming soon!

Who: Spots are limited.

How: Please contact us at hello@taramd.com to reserve your spot and get the link.

Cost: *$TBD


*Given the intimate nature of our events there are limited spots available for each of our in-person and virtual events, there are no refunds on tickets. We will do our best to transfer your ticket to someone on our waitlist and issue a credit when possible.