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Elevating Women's Health Care
Welcome to TārāMD, an innovative gynecology practice in NYC focusing on your health beyond fertility. We help women take control of their health and wellbeing by blending the best of modern and integrative medicine through more care, time, and services.

Gynecology, Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine on Upper East Side, New York, NY

TārāMD was created with one passion: to help women take control of their health and wellbeing. Our board-certified Ob/Gyn specialists believe in high-quality care for all women. We elevate your gynecologic care by blending the best of modern and integrative medicine through more time, care and services.
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Tuesday February 13th at 7:30pm - 9pm, EST

It is 100% true, LOVE is a powerful amplifier to your sexual experience and opens the gateway to full body orgasmic flow. In this sexual wellness workshop we will explore the capacity of the heart and the breasts to awaken deeper layers of bliss and pleasure in all your sensual experiences both solo and partnered.

Join TārāMD's Sexual Wellness coach, Sheila Kamara Hay for a powerful pre-V-day workshop. You will learn how to tend to your breasts and heart realms, to amplify the love and pleasure you feel in your body and learn a simple practice to experience this firsthand and... Bonus! It is great for breast health too.

Our Approach is Different 
TārāMD's six pillars of distinction include our passion for women, combined with personalized integrative medicine solutions to provide the best service. Get to know the Six Pillars of Distinction that are TārāMD.
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What we do

We are passionate about using all the tools to help women stay healthy and be healthy. From lifestyle and nutrition, acupuncture and botanicals, to hormone therapy, medications, and cutting-edge procedures and surgery. Modern holistic practice blending today’s advanced medical technology and proven timeless therapies.

See our lists below to view the full range of services we offer.
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Special Expertise
Although we take care of the full range of gynecologic issues, we have developed a special interest in the area of pelvic pain and endometriosis and hormonal health - especially the menopausal transition.
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What Our Patients Are Saying
"TaraMD is the absolute best medical practice I’ve ever been to."

Barrie K.
"Very professional office. Everyone including doctors, medical assistants and other staff are very welcoming, and the practice is clean."

Leila A.
"The doctors and staff at TaraMD have been so amazing in treating my individual needs."

Alyson M.
"The doctors and entire staff are amazing. The kindness and compassion shown in this office is like nothing I have ever experienced before."

Helen M.
"Literally the best healthcare experience I’ve ever had. Everything was explained to me everyone was super nice warm and welcoming."

Danielle L.
"My experience at TaraMD has been amazing! The office is beautiful and the staff are the sweetest."

Shana F.
"Staff very friendly and overall environment very quiet and peaceful."

Debra N.
"Very comfortable office space and atmosphere."

Deborah P.
"What a wonderful practice!"

Eloise S.
Buddhist statue in sunset
Why Tārā?
In the Buddhist tradition, Tārā is a goddess known for compassion, healing, long life and serenity. She is depicted in many different female forms, representing all the variations of women.