Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine services offered on Upper East Side, New York, NY

Functional medicine, which focuses on the root causes of disease, holistically addresses your physical, mental, and spiritual health. TārāMD, located in the Upper East Side area of Manhattan in New York City, provides gynecological care with functional medicine treatment plans unique to each patient. Gynecologist Suzanne Fenske, MD, FACOG, provides a full evaluation before developing your care strategy. To find out how functional medicine can improve your health care outcome, call TārāMD or book an appointment online today.

Functional Medicine Q & A

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is evidence-based care that focuses on finding the root cause of your unwellness. Whether you have vague symptoms or a definitive diagnosis, functional medicine uncovers the primary causes and contributing factors and works to eliminate them or restore balance. 

This approach differs from other forms of medical care, which often get lost in a condition’s symptoms and the attempts to mask them. Treating the underlying cause of your illness can eliminate or reduce symptoms while improving your greater overall health. 

TārāMD develops your care plan using lifestyle medicine, conventional treatments, supplements and botanicals, and holistic health. They guide you through each step of the treatment process and may use testing like hormone tests, biopsies, and other lab tests to make sure you get the care you need.

How does my provider develop my functional medicine care plan?

A functional medicine care plan starts with an in-depth evaluation of your overall health. Instead of simply asking about your symptoms, your physician goes over your medical history and your lifestyle to identify factors that might be influencing how you feel. 

If you have multiple conditions, there could be individual causes contributing to all of them. At TaraMD, your physician considersYour provider considers factors like:

  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Inflammation
  • Environment
  • Medication use
  • Genetics
  • Gut health

All of these and other factors often are at the root of long-term health problems, and you might not think much about them while exploring different treatments. Functional medicine care plans at TārāMD include treatments that address contributing factors such as these directly.

Which conditions can functional medicine treat?

Thanks to their focus on gynecology, TārāMD can use functional and integrative medicine to address an array of health problems, many of which stem from your sexual and reproductive systems. During your next visit, Dr. Fenske can talk to you about different treatment options and lifestyle changes you can make to address:

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Menopause and perimenopause
  • Recurrent vaginal infections
  • Breast issues
  • Human papillomavirus
  • Irregular menstruation

To learn more about Functional Medicine, call TārāMD or schedule your appointment online today.