Integrative Medicine & Supplements


Supplements, including vitamins, minerals and herbs, can be powerful tools in a treatment or prevention plan. However, not all supplements are created equal as there is much difference in quality among available brands. Our integrative medicine supplements are designed to help you feel your best.

To help choose quality supplements for our patients, we have partnered with Fullscript, a virtual dispensary of medical-grade supplements made by companies that meet higher standards for safety and quality. We are able to provide our patients a discount of 15% from what you would pay for the same products as a retail customer. Supplements are not covered by insurance, but FSA/HSA funds may be used when purchasing through Fullscript. Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase these products from Fullscript and may buy them elsewhere, being certain that this decision will in no way affect the quality of care you receive from us. We do not have commercial or financial agreements with any supplement manufacturers. 

To enter the store, simply create a Fullscript account by entering your email. There are a few basic supplements openly available. We also use Fullscript for advanced, individual supplement plans for patients of TārāMD.