We believe in cost transparency in our practice. The costs listed below apply to general visit types.  Procedures may incur other fees, which are established and would be discussed with you openly and clearly prior to the procedure or prior to scheduling a procedure visit. Lab costs are not included but we do not charge for the collection of your blood test or urine test in our office. Patients previously seen by Dr. Fenske are considered established patients from the perspective of the fee schedule.   

Please contact us with any pricing question not addressed in the list below.

TārāMD Pricing

Please note that some visits may require at least one 30 minute follow-up visit for test result discussion, usually via telehealth. We are happy to discuss the price of a package of visits suited to your condition. We are also planning to offer integrative care programs in these areas in the near future consisting of medical as well as nutritional therapy, and health coach education and support.


Cancellation policy 
To ensure efficient use of our time and resources, please provide at least 24 hours' notice for cancellations or reschedules. Otherwise, a fee of $150 may be applied to your first missed appointment. Subsequent missed appointments may be charged the full cost of the missed visit and, in certain cases, may result in discharge from the practice.


Testing costs  
We do not charge for blood draws or urine collection. We strive to send the tests to the in-network lab based on insurance coverage, usually Quest or Labcorp. It is the patient’s responsibility to find out which lab is the preferred lab provider on their plan.

Some advanced testing options such as functional hormonal testing including the DUTCH or ZRT test, or some genetic tests, are not covered by insurance. We only recommend these tests if they are indicated for YOU, not routinely, and will discuss the associated cost with you. You do not need to agree to the test and we will work with standard testing options to the best of our ability. 


Supplement costs 
As a convenience to our patients, we have partnered with Fullscript, a virtual supplement dispensary of medical-grade supplements manufactured by vetted companies which meet higher standards for safety and quality. We are able to provide our patient community a discount of 15% from what you would pay for the same products as a retail customer. Supplements are not covered by insurance, but FSA/HSA funds may be used when purchasing through Fullscript. You are under no obligation to purchase these products from Fullscript and may buy them elsewhere, being certain that this decision will in no way affect the quality of care you receive from us. We do not have commercial or financial agreements with any supplement manufacturers.