5 Ways to Expand in Pleasure. By Sheila Kamara Hay, Sexual Wellness Coach, TārāMD

Apr 17, 2023
5 Ways to Expand in Pleasure
Five exercises to nourish the body with sensations and challenges readers to practice them daily for a week. Ultimately, pleasure is our birthright, and by opening ourselves up to its possibilities, we can experience greater joy and satisfaction.

Spring is in the air and with-it a rising energy as the earth beneath our feet comes back to life!

Are you feeling this life force energy flowing through your body?

This is a time of rebirth... both outside and within.

A time of possibility of seeds beginning to sprout.

I invite you to blow open the doors of possibility with these super simple pleasure practices to expand in pleasure.

Any one of these, practiced daily, will nourish and flood your system with delicious sensations.

Any one of these, practiced daily, will transform your experience of pleasure both in and out of the bedroom.

The more you do it, the better it gets.

5 Ways to Expand in Pleasure 

1) Take a moment and tune in with each of your senses. Notice... What do you see? Is there anything that your eye can rest and delight in? What do you hear? Smell? Taste? Touch? Drop in with each sense and find a spot of pleasure to soak in.

2) Connect with your breath. Feel the intimacy of your inhale moving through your body. Caress your inner realms with your breath.

3) Put your hands on your body and let your body receive the sensation of them- their weight, their heat... their touch as you move your hands over your body. Let your body fully receive the sensations that your hands are evoking.

4) Bring all of your attention into your vulva, exploring the sensations within as you scan every delicious delicate bit of your pleasure anatomy with your felt sense.

5) Put some music and move for your PLEASURE... no form, no instructions, no aesthetic.. your only guiding force is your body and what FEELS good.

Each of these exercises are so simple.. free... and available to each and every one of you.

Can you feel your mind dismissing them for that fact alone?

Perhaps you are looking for MORE?

I challenge you to pick your favorite and do it daily for 1 week and see what happens.

Notice how it reverberates into your life.


You'll be so surprised at how powerful this can be.

Pleasure is our birthright.

It is free and accessible in and out of the bedroom, in and out of the birthing room.

It is an orientation, a presence, a SAVORING.. of the deliciousness that is available to us in each moment.

AND of course, there is SO MUCH MORE to be had.

I love the spot of possibility.

Of opening those doors for you.. 

I'm excited to show you how it flows into your life, as you mother, work, love and play.