How to Approach Menopause Holistically - By: rē•spin

Apr 20, 2023
rē•spin Cover Photo How to Approach Menopause Holistically
In today’s society, menopause feels like an unspoken topic. Many conversations surrounding menopause are often left unsaid or shared in whispers within the confines of private friend groups.

Outside of individuals who experience symptoms firsthand, menopause is treated as a taboo topic, a mystery. Sometimes, even the butt of cruel, misguided jokes. Menopause is unavoidable, yet it gets swept under the rug. It doesn’t receive the necessary attention it deserves in the realm of women’s health.

Understanding menopausal health

For women, the transition into menopause is marked by changes in their emotional, physical, and metabolic health, gynecologist Dr. Suzanne Fenske tells rē•spin. These changes tend to bring on a shift in mood, including anxiety, depression, and irritability. On the physical health front, there can be an increased risk for body composition variations, heart disease, and osteoporosis. As far as metabolic factors go,  changes can range from elevated cholesterol and insulin resistance to thyroid dysfunction and weight gain.